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Pho Noodle Soups

1. The Beginner's Choice

2. Just The Regular

3. The Adventure's Choice

4. Specialty Pho Noodle Soups

  • 47. Pho Chicken Soup

    Noodle soup with natural chicken broth and shredded chicken meat. X-Large: $12.95  

  • 48. Pho Seafood Soup

    Noodle soup with scallop, shrimp, squid, fishcake, carrots and broccoli. X-Large: $12.95  

  • 50. Filet Mignon Noodle Soup

    Tender USDA Choice Filet Mignon sliced thin and accompanied with our rich bee pho noodle soup. X-Large: $14.95  

  • 51. Ox Tail Noodle Soup

    Ox Tail accompanied with our rich beef pho noodle soup. X-Large: $14.95