• The prices are awesome and the soup base is fantastic here. Very flavorful! I love the shakes and drinks here! They are made from real fruit and not watered down like some other places. The portions of the food were pretty good as well. I love the atmosphere of this place because it seems so serene and calm.

    -BonBon H.
  • Been here the past two days in a row. That’s not very normal of me either. I came for the Pho…home away from home this pho is comparable to my moms pho. The broth has so much flavor.  Just right. I can tell the noodles are not pre broiled and sat in the bowl because you can tell when you eat it. It’s harder to separate the noodles. They are broiled before the broth is added. The meat is really good quality and tender. Never frozen. This place gets it done.

    -Tu L.
  • Pho is amazing! This is a good place to come if you do not want to  alllllllllll the way to Chinatown and get some good chicken pho. My cousin and I like to come here and get a bowl with fresh shrimp rolls… The atmosphere is relaxing and service is good! Its cozy and nice to have a place so close to our place!

    I would recommend this place in Malden since it is so close.

    -Tracy F.
  • You know what I like? Tasty fresh food…and keeping cash in my pocket. This place fulfills those two needs for me. If you know Vietnamese food well you won’t have any problem with the menu. I stick to what I know and add in 1 new item each time to learn more. The servers are friendly and this place is comfortable. Not intimidating or too adventurous. And they are interested in your happiness.

    -Michelle M.
  • It was one of those bitter cold days a few weeks back when my 3 friends and I were craving hot soup.  One of my friends suggested Pho Hoa.  All three of us ordered the seafood noodle soup, and the shrimp spring roll.  Everything was delicious.  The broth was piping hot and simmering with delicious goodness.

    -MaryJo L.